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This photo here is a self portrait I did of myself the other day. Looking at this image, I see AND feel the words: Powerful, Radiant, Strong, Divine & unforgettable.

It’s a pose that I have all of my clients do – and usually they are wearing something that shows off their midsection.


If a part of you is feeling a little freaked out feeling right now – I get it – the midsection is the #1 thing women tell us they would like to de-emphasize.
For some reason, we are taught that stomachs are supposed to be flat and have lines that resemble abs on them. I am one of those women that gain weight IN my stomach. I’ve been asked “how far along are you?” More times than I can count.


Our ab muscles support the rest of our body and they are there whether we can see them in the mirror or not. For those women out there who’ve had babies, the stomach grows to support the baby and GROW/MAKE the baby. Our midsection is a strong house and most of us don’t give it the respect and credit it deserves.


Anyways, usually I do this pose in a different part of the studio, and the way the light hits the abs + my angles + the pose itself = a radiant image. It shows off the ab muscles that were hidden in there all this time.


Something about this pose – gives me strength vibes and when I look at myself in this position, I don’t hate my stomach anymore. Those abs that I worked hard for in my 20’s are peeping through, still there. I still look hot. 

This is why I do what I do; empowering women thru the art of boudoir – not to just have great images, but to love themselves a little bit more – especially when looking at their images.


If you’re looking to have some powerful, radiant, divine and unforgettable images that showcase your gorgeous body – even the parts that might be hidden from view – shoot me an email: info@anna-alethia.com OR text: 608-387-8504


wisconsin boudoir photographer

Powerful, Radiant, Strong, Divine & Unforgettable | Waunakee WI Boudoir Photos

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